Our commitments

Respect for all permeates and guides our actions. Listening and dialogue, the quality of working conditions, and training and promotion foster efficiency, motivation and development!


Safram offers a framework based on the principles of respect, transparency, trust, integrity and loyalty. It welcomes and treats each employee with fairness, dignity and in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.


Employee motivation is a fundamental company goal; leading by example, respect, team spirit, communication and empowerment through trust are the main vectors. Listening and dialogue, regular interviews and the annual development review provide a privileged opportunity for exchange and progress in the recognition and enhancement of the quality of work carried out.


SAFRAM is committed to training and enhancing the skills of employees that are ambitious and dynamic. Training is an important commitment for the company and a duty for the employee in order to be able to constantly adapt to changes in the workplace and to better anticipate them.


SAFRAM is committed to investing in the development potential of its employees through training and favours internal promotion by encouraging professional mobility, both functional and geographic.


Through our skills, know-how and products, we provide our customers with added value that contributes to their competitiveness and sustainability.

As ambassadors of SAFRAM, employees develop privileged trusting relationships with customers. Honesty, integrity and respect underpin SAFRAM’s corporate values and are perceived daily in employee/partner relationships.


Entrepreneurship is the ability to anticipate and support the growth of the group while ethically building and carrying out projects that:

  • Favour performance and collective interest
  • Create more values than they consume resources.

We are part of SAFRAM’s destiny. We are committed to the company’s success through using our know-how and our common sense and by assuming the responsibilities entrusted to us.

  • We are a company at the service and listening to our customers. We have an ethical approach in everything we do, respecting the law, our employees and our customers.
  • We want to encourage the self-development of our employees through an environment that favours learning and encourages the assumption of responsibility and personal development.
  • Employees are SAFRAM's most important asset and the driving force behind its success.

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